Gokwe man beds teen daughter, fined 3 beasts


Tinashe Zisengwe

Too old for local woman, a 70 year-old widower resorted to forcibly having sex with his teenage daughter who later broke the silence.

The man from Gokwe (name withheld) has since appeared before Chief Chireya and fined with three beasts.

The 70 year old father’s demands to have his daughter turned into his new wife landed him in trouble with Chief Chireya who summoned him to the traditional court.

The community discovered the matter after the seemingly traumatized girl told some elderly people in the village she wanted to commit suicide because of her father who had turned her into a sex slave.

The daughter is alleged to have claimed that her father lured her into bed with a promise to spoil her with goodies.

It is also reported that in a bid to hoodwink her into satisfying his sexual needs the man threatened her with eviction. Thus out of fear she gave in to her father’s sexual demands.

During the court proceedings, the man left the community shocked when he confessed that he resorted to sleeping with his daughter since some women in the community whom he proposed love to would turn him down because he was too old to satisfy them in bed.

“When I asked him why he slept with his daughter the man said he did it out of desperation since he was a widower. Every woman whom he proposed love to turned him down because he is an old man and was no longer active in bed. However, for the offence of putting my area into disrepute I fined him three beasts,” said Chief Chireya.

Meanwhile, Chief Chireya bemoaned the increasing number of cases of incest in his area saying most of the offences were committed for ritual purposes.