Is Gideon Gono Mugabe’s heir apparent?

Grace will do anything for Gono to succeed Mugabe?

Charles Mabhena

As the succession war in the ruling ZANU PF party gets nastier by each passing day, and President Robert Mugabe’s recent rant that non among his lieutenant is good enough to succeed him has even brought more confusion as to what could be his plan.

This has stirred debates with some suggesting that Mugabe is indirectly endorsing his wife Grace Mugabe for the top office, whom he described as a woman of character capable of taking any political office.

Many have asked if it were not for Grace, then what could be Mugabe’s plan. Is there a dark horse that is in ambush to snatch the carrot before Vice-President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s nose? And if so who could that be?

Others are now even throwing Gideon Gono’s, the former Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor’s name in the ring. While this may seem far-fetched analysts believe with how the ball is being played by Mugabe, a hidden missile cannot be ruled out. Could this missile be Gono?

This comes on the basis of how he has been enjoying coverage in the state media despite him now seemingly being politically unknown. Of late, The Sunday Mail gave him unwarranted prominence, when jailed Munyaradzi Kereke apologised to him, the paper saw it fit to give the story front page treatment, followed by his acceptance of the apology also getting the same treatment.

After failing to get a senatorial post under ZANU PF ticket, Gono slid into the political oblivion, then the question was why then can he hog a lot of limelight.

During his time at the apex bank, Gono was Mugabe’s darling and was more powerful than any other governor before him, even the likes of Kombo Moyana who presided over a powerful local currency.

Gono was more of a prime minister bigger than even the finance minister himself felt his impact, instead of vice versa.

It is believed Mugabe has a soft spot for the former RBZ governor, he is close to the first family, and is trusted by Mugabe and his wife, a situation that once saw him being rumoured to be having an affair with the first lady.

Meanwhle, renowned political analyst Dr Pedzisai Ruhanya believes there could be a plan prop up the former RBZ boss, not ruling out the fact that Zimbabwe is in the foggy zone of transition where unpredictability in the political economy is ubiquitous.

“What is the game plan behind the state media’s PR treatment on Gono?

“Could Gono be the preferred heir apparent to President Mugabe?” he queries.

Another political analyst Elder Mabhunu shares similar sentiments that the former top banker could be Mugabe’s preferred one.

“Women are powerful and are known to be the makers and breakers of any king. Gono is much loved by Mugabe and with Grace also behind him (Gono) she could do anything to have him succeed her frail husband.

“Mind you, the two were rumoured to be love birds,” he said.

Mugabe was reported to have been told by his late sister Sabina, that his wife was having an affair with his trusted man, Gono. It was also reported that Mugabe summoned his closest bodyguard Cain Chademana over the matter, who reportedly confirmed that something suspicious was going on between Gono and Grace.

Days later Chademana died mysteriously, amid rumours that he was poisoned under Mugabe’s instruction who could not stomach the mockery of having his wife’s affair with his best friend leaked out.