Mnangagwa ally ‘Energy Mutodi’ arrested over Mugabe death, coup, succession warnings

Mnangagwa and his ally Mutodi

Mnangagwa aide tells Mugabe its time up.., gets arrested

What we know so far…

  • Mutodi has repeatedly warned Mugabe via facebook posts that he has to clean up his messy before his soon coming departure… which will happen whether he likes it or not.
  • Energy Mutodi also warned Mugabe that if he does not act on succession the unthinkable will happen.
  • He believes that Zimbabwe needs a Mnangagwa type of leader to take the country from stone age back to 21st century

Harare: Zimbabwe businessman, ED Mnangagwa loyalist-cum-musician Energy Mutodi was today arrested following an article he posted on Facebook regarding President Mugabe’s succession, ill health and likely death.

Police sources said Mutodi was arrested by detectives from the CID Law and Order section in the morning and taken to Harare Central Police Station for further investigations.

Mutodi openly supports Mnangagwa to be President ahead of Grace Mugabe

He is still assisting police with investigations and is likely to face treason charges.

 On August 6, Mutodi posted an articled with a headline, “WHY CHOOSING A SUCCESSOR IS A DIFFICULT JOB.”

“As President Robert Mugabe begins to look for a possible successor from among his subordinates, Zimbabweans are anxious to know who will eventually be picked to become the country’s second executive president,” he wrote.

“Decision making in succession issues has always been a problem among Africans; resulting in civil wars, repetitive coups and economic turmoil.

“In Lybia for example, Muammar Gaddafi was killed after more than 42 years in power and with no clear successor named. In Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagbo was defeated in a civil war and jailed overseas while his wife was also prosecuted and jailed for 20 years for aiding her husband in his efforts to retain power at all cost.”

Details to follow….