Condoms make me impotent, claims HIV infected Gweru man

Tinashe Zisengwe

A Gweru woman recently pulled a shocker in court after she claimed that her HIV infected husband has been pestering for unprotected sex for almost a month now, saying the use of condoms will make him impotent.

As if not enough, the wife is alleged to have threatened to chop off the husband’s manhood for trying to deliberately infect her with the deadly disease.

“My HIV infected husband is insisting to have unprotected sex with me claiming that I am his wife and not his prostitute therefore there is no need to have protected sexual intercourse.

“He is verbally and physically abusing me daily saying that since l am refuse to have sex with him he will get if from his girlfriends who will willingly offer it,” said the enraged wife.

The court also heard that the wife has been hospitalised several times after her husband beats her up for refusing to have unprotected sex.

In a shocking development, the man did not deny the accusations leveled by fired up his wife but admitted to have fled away from home for fear of being sliced off his private parts.

He also confessed that he abused his wife and insulted her several times when she refused to have unprotected sex with him.

“My wife assured me that she will cut off my manhood even if we indulge on protected sex, since if the condom bursts there are chances that HIV will spread.

“I ran away from home for fear of losing my manhood,” he said.

Gweru magistrate Sheunesu Matova granted the wife a protection order against her abusive husband.

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