Commercial sex workers to establish pension fund

Shakespeare Muzavazi
Mberengwa commercial  workers have proposed to put up a Commercial  Workers Pension Fund CSWPF, can exclusively reveal.

The fund is meant to improve the living standards of sex workers soon after retirement from the thigh vending business.

Speaking at a National AIDS Council workshop recently held at Mberengwa office, thigh vendors have proposed to put up a pension scheme that will perform the same functions as any other pension fund in Zimbabwe.

“We wish to establish our own pension scheme as commercial sex workers, this will go a long way in assisting those of us who go out of business because of old age and illness, the scheme will also have a provision to pay school fees for the kith and kin of those who would have died during the course of this risky business,” proposed a commercial sex worker who identified herself as Snodia Goredema.

Another thigh vendor, Imelda Hove seconded the proposal cementing that, most commercial sex workers languish in abject poverty after spending years in the sex business.
“Most commercial sex workers become poverty stricken soon after they go out of business hence by establishing a pension fund we would have created a solution for problems associated with life after commercial sex work.
“Remember we also have kids who have to go to school, we should save money and through that scheme we will be able to pay school fees for them even when we are out of business,” she said

Hove went on to make a proposition that every commercial sex worker should pay at least 30 per month as their pension, all thigh vendors must gather and elect a committee that will work with the aid of a lawyer to see to it that the Commercial Sex Workers Pension Fund is established.

Meanwhile, Mberengwa commercial sex workers have bemoaned the antagonistic treatment they get from the communities they operate in.
“There is so much stigmatisation and segregation on commercial sex workers, our communities regard us as sex mongers and HIV and AIDS transmitters but truth be told we don’t love this job we are only victims of the Zimbabwean economic meltdown, we have never refused to be employed elsewhere, the only reason we are into prostitution is that the government has utterly failed to create employment for us,” bemoaned the sex workers.

Lecturing the commercial sex workers, NAC coordinating officer for Mberengwa Mr Langton Moyo encouraged all commercial sex workers to use condoms as a preventive measure against the rampant spread of HIV and AIDS in Mberengwa and Zimbabwe as a whole.