Boring sex, married cheat(37) threatens to kill lazy girlfriend(24)

Tinashe Zisengwe

A married man from Gokwe stunned the traditional courts recently when he confessed to having threatened to kill his side chick for performing dismally during sex and failing to meet his least demands in bed.

The court heard that sometime in February, Gibson Mukono (37) felt demeaned while seeking sexual gratification resulting in being angry and threatening to murder Netsai Moyo (24).

Appearing before the traditional court, Mukono said that he had visited his lover to get sexual pleasure as his wife had travelled only to get the worst on the night.

“My wife had travelled for a month. So I had to rely with my girlfriend for sexual activities only to witness the unthinkable,” he said.

Mukono later own denied  having threatened to kill Netsai although he admitted being angry.

“It is so frustrating to sleep with a woman who does not know how to handle a man in bed, l only got angry not threatening to kill her as alleged,” he said.

Moyo insisted that Mukono threatened to kill her and she had to run for her dear life. She reported the matter to Chief Nemangwe exposing their secret affair.

The matter was referred to a later date for trial.