BREAKING: MTC Tsvangirai offices raided by police, Property taken

The Harare Sherrif under the escort of heavily armed riot police are busy attaching MDC T property right now at Harvest House.

Morgan Tsvangirai reportedly fled the Harvest House building this morning as riot police descended onto the property to attach thousands worth of property in order to pay back a worker.

Riot police marched unannounced into the building to take away property.

This was in line with a High Court order granting a former worker, Ms Sally Dura,  who has successfully sued the party for over $100,000 in unpaid wages for a period of over 2 years.

Sally Dura

The MDC office has not yet issued a statement on the development.

Meanwhile, a group of brave journalists are currently protesting against continued police harassment of reporters in the country.

They are currently seeking audience with the officer in charge but have been made to wait.


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