Man catches wife pants down, hangs self on tree  

Tinashe Zisengwe

Imagine coming from work and you find your woman groaning and moaning with another man on your bed.

Strange as it might sound this horrible situation is what a Banket man was faced with before he decided to commit suicide.

Andrew Chisango (26) committed suicide by hanging himself on a tree a few days back.

A family spokesperson Tendai Chisango said Andrew came back from work sometime last week and found his adulterous wife giving sexual pleasures to another man.

He is reported to have just left the room to leave them finish with their business.

Tendai added that Andrew came home the following day but did not question his wife who was now living in fear of the unknown.

However, he just called his friends and narrated his story before informing them that he was going away to a far place.

One of the friends only identified as Tatenda said they suspected that he was going to South Africa since he had plans to do so before July.

Tatenda said he was shocked to receive the suicidal news.

However, the relatives found him hanging on a tree with a suicidal note besides saying all his property should be given to his six months old baby.

Efforts to get in touch with the adulterous woman were fruitless as she vanished into thin air the moment she heard about the suicidal case.