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Karoi Man goes berserk, plucks out friend’s eye over a cigar Edmore Mhangami A Karoi man will live to rue the day that he drunk one too many ...
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Blessings Chidakwa Police have launched a manhunt for a group of assailants who allegedly murdered a Zhombe man using machetes, logs and knobkerries at a friend’s homestead in ...
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Blessings Chidakwa In a rare occurrence, a Gweru man recently pulled a shocker when he dragged his ex-wife to court for failing to pay $ 150 mantanance in ...
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Blessings Chidakwa A Lower Gweru woman from Chief Sogwala’s area is lucky to be alive after her husband recently sliced her with a machete on her neck for ...
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Blessings Chidakwa A boy from Mkoba 4 in Gweru recently pulled a shocker after having been caught red handed enjoying sexual intercourse with an eight year old girl ...
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Blessings Chidakwa A Lower Gweru man from Lugwalo Village under Chief Bunina rued the day he struck his neighbor with an axe in a dispute over a vegetables ...
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Blessings Chidakwa A deputy headmaster at Mnangagwa (Mafidhi) Primary School, Kwekwe, is alleged to have recently fondled buttocks of a grade six pupil in classroom. An impeccable source ...
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Blessings Chidakwa Most tertiary institutions across the country have always been hogging the headlines for all the wrong reasons when it comes to Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), Chinhoyi ...
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Blessings Chidakwa A Gweru court has granted liberty to a Guinea Fowl High School teacher who recently hit headlines over allegations of fondling a pupil’s breasts in his ...
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Blessings Chidakwa A couple from Gweru in Mkoba 17 connived with their church pastor and did the unthinkable as they are reported to have demanded an amount of ...
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