The Zimbabwe Amalgamated Council of Churches (ZACC) will hold a mass prayer and unveil a petition for the removal of illegal and immoral sanctions imposed on Zimbabwe by Britain, the US and the European Union.

The devastating effects of illegal sanctions have impacted on the political, social, cultural, religious, economic sectors, hence ordinary Zimbabweans and churches are calling for the immediate removal of these sanctions.

Briefing the media in the capital, head of media for the programme Dr Davison Gomo said these sanctions have soured the politics of Zimbabwe to the extent of making governance not only difficulty, but dangerously volatile.

“We the undersigned under the auspices of ZACC hereby petition Britain and its supporting allies namely the EU and the US to withdraw or remove forthwith the illegal sanctions and to pay compensation to Zimbabwe and the people for the damages and grave harm caused to the economy and lives of the people of Zimbabwe,” said Dr Gomo.

ZACC Patron Mr Jimayi Muduvuri noted that they are going to have huge prayer meetings on the 8th of March across the country‘s 10 provinces to send a message to the people about the effects of sanctions.

“Plans are currently underway to meet ministers of state from all the country’s provinces so that we can address gatherings for the noble cause on that particular day,” Mr Muduvuri said.

Speaker after speaker from students unions, representatives of retrenches, people living with disabilities and bishops acknowledged supporting ZACC for the petition for the removal of the illegal sanctions which they all condemned.

The illegal sanctions have excluded Zimbabwe’s economic efforts from all formal international markets directly leading to industrial shutdown, blockages of credit lines and foreign direct investment and ushering untold suffering to the people of Zimbabwe