ZANU PF Youth League leadership has encouraged the generality of the young people to take time and introspect about their role in the development of the nation-state.

In a statement issued by the Secretary for Youth Affairs Lewis Matutu on Thursday, the League announced that a series of activities are planned all over the country to celebrate the birth of the founding father of the country.

In Chitungwiza a car rally is planned while in Masvingo there will be a seminar for youths.

Find below the statement by Lewis Matutu:

Former president RG Mugabe was born on the national youth day, during the last days of his rule he made mistakes, himself and also through other people but the greater part of his life contains great history that we shall always cherish. Zimbabwean young people should never forget that we are deeply rooted in the liberation struggle that brought us peace, unity and development. Our major responsibility is to work hard for ourselves and generations to come, in love, peace and harmony.

21 February is the national youth day of Zimbabwe and a day of introspection for young people of our great nation. In Harare youths are celebrating through car rallies in Chitungwiza on the day, in Masvingo young people are having a dialogue to discuss their issues and in all the other provinces it’s a hive of activities. As young people, in our diversity, we must never forget who we are, what we represent and the responsibilities upon us. Let’s introspect focusing on our relationships, behaviour, contribution to economic development, love, peace and harmony. Zimbabwe is ours and ours to build together as a generation, patriotism should remain a top priority whilst respect and tolerance must never leave us.byo24