Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa says ZANU PF Youths seem to be untouchable hence the failure of police to arrest them when the have been reported to be in possession of guns.

Mliswa was commenting after one Shepherd Magorimbo told a court that he got a military uniform he used to terrorise residents from the Zanu PF headquarters during the recent violent protests that were followed by army crackdown of civilians. 

“It would appear that ZANUPF youths are untouchable if they can be seen in possession of AK47s, rifles etc and yet still not arrested.” Mliswa said. 

The police and the army have denied being responsible for the death of 17 citizens during the crackdown and blamed it on rogues soldiers and civilians who stole army and police uniforms and guns.

Last month there we reports that ZANU PF Youth leader Godfrey Gomwe was arrested and found in possession of four guns after being accused of robbery and arson. It was later reported that an instruction from Vice President Constantino Chiwenga secured his release.

During the Kgalema Motlanthe led commission into the 1 August killings National Patriotic Front leader Jimmy Kunaka said ZANU PF youths are usually given army and police uniforms and deployed to beat up citizens during elections and protests. 

President Emmerson Mnangagwa on Sunday told France24 that there was no evidence of the army and the police ever committing acts of violence, rape and extra-judicial killings.

He called upon anyone with evidence to the contrary to provide it for the world to see.byo24