ZANU-PF has title to former President Robert Mugabe’s houses — the imposing Blue Roof mansion in Borrowdale and a Mount Pleasant property occupied by his daughter, Bona, details have emerged.

Mugabe family spokesperson Mr Leo Mugabe confirmed yesterday that Zimbabwe’s late founding father did not own the houses.

President Mnangagwa is now working on modalities to transfer the title deeds of the two houses to Cde Mugabe’s family.

Addressing journalists in Zvimba yesterday, Mr Mugabe said: “The issue of properties is being handled by the President. He is handling the issue to ensure the family is safe.

“I was told by President Mnangagwa that the party will help to transfer the title deeds of the properties to the former President’s family. I do not want to jeopardise the process.”

Mr Mugabe said ZANU-PF owned the land on which the two houses were constructed.

“It’s so funny. The party (ZANU-PF) is the one that bought the first house in Mt Pleasant and the land for the Blue Roof property. It leaves the former President Mugabe without a house in Harare,” he said. ZANU-PF secretary for Administration Dr Obert Mpofu confirmed the development, saying the party was doing the paperwork to transfer the properties.

“The process is currently underway to transfer them to the (Mugabe) family,” said Dr Mpofu.

President Mnangagwa, who was a special assistant to the former President during the liberation struggle, has repeatedly said he will ensure the family was well taken care of.

In his tribute to Cde Mugabe during a State funeral held at the National Sports Stadium in Harare on Saturday, President Mnangagwa said Cde Mugabe’s legacy was a springboard for economic development.

He described Cde Mugabe as a “giant African tree that has fallen”.

“He taught a generation, led a nation, inspired a continent, spoke for the oppressed and defined the politics and economics of an epoch. The man who lies before us was for years our leader, our commander, mentor and President, both in the party and Government. . .

“Today, Southern Africa mourns the sad loss of front-liner. Today, Africa weeps, grieving over the loss of a true Pan-African,” he said.

President Mnangagwa said during his lifetime, Cde Mugabe was vilified and given “many false names” to present him in bad light, but he remained a true African icon.

“But today, the truth is laid bare and open, we honour and remember our late African icon in our own special way, demonstrating that he had many friends, allies and followers.

“As he moves on from this life to another, his star rises; his shines high and bright. We, who remain, shall continue to hear his rich, brave, defiant and inspiring voice – which we grew accustomed to on various international platforms – beyond his grave, encouraging and warning us to be vigilant and astute; always guarding and protecting our freedom, our independence and indeed our God-given resources.”