The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions has said that workers will be protesting until the government has addressed their issues.

Workers have for months been pushing for a constant review of their salaries saying that the soaring inflation has constantly eroded their hard-earned money.

Speaking to News Day in an interview, ZCTU president, Peter Mutasa said that austerity measures were bringing immense pain on workers. He said:

Workers and trade unions have tried to make government understand the folly of continuing in this direction of austerity measures, but this has been met with scorn and brutality, and as a result workers have no other option than to stop working and to protest until government is ready to listen.

He added that the workers had no other option as the situation continues to deteriorate at the government’s watch.

Mutasa said that workers were determined to protest even when the state uses brutality to try to stop them.

The country is submerged in socio-economic and political crises manifest in power cuts, and shortages of fuel, cash, medicines, soaring inflation and an increased clampdown on citizens by security forces.

Meanwhile, the opposition MDC has attributed the issues to the government’s illegitimacy and mismanagement of state resources.