A woman appeared in court yesterday for allegedly duping two people of $116 400 in separate deals.

Deajury Doro (43) appeared before Harare magistrate Ms Rumbidzai Mugwagwa, facing two counts of fraud.

She was denied bail and remanded to February 26.

Ms Mugwagwa denied the accused bail on the basis that she committed the two offences while on bail involving another case.

‘’The chain of events shows she has the ability to commit the same crime again, hence there is need for the court to protect the public,’’ said Ms Mugwagwa.

The court heard that on September 3, the complainant Ruramayi Magaya received a phone call from Ronica Mapfunde, his former business associate, who advised him that Doro had access to United States dollars.

She then gave her Doro’s number.

On September 10, Magaya called Doro and told her that he was in need of United States dollars.

On September 12, Magaya met with Doro at Planas Stationery Shop at the corner of Nkwame Nkurumah Avenue and Leopold Takawira Street in Harare.

Doro made Magaya believe that she had access to United States dollars and as a result Magaya transferred $26 700 into her Steward Bank account through the ZIPIT platform from his three different CABS account numbers.

After the transactions, Doro promised to handover the cash to Magaya within an hour.

Doro failed to deliver the cash and as a result Magaya decided to reverse the transaction and went to Steward Bank with her.

When they got to the bank, Magaya ordered Doro to transfer the money into his friend’s account.

Doro then made Inter-Account Funds Transfer and left.

When Magaya enquired whether the money had gone through, the bank advised him that the transaction had been declined because Doro had provided incorrect information.

Magaya then reported the matter to the police.

Nothing was recovered.

The court also heard that on January 30, the other complainant, Nobukhosi Ndlovu, received a call from her friend Silence Mwanjira, who told her that Doro was selling 74 tonnes of groundnuts for $89 700.

Ndlovu told her friend that she wanted the groundnuts and was willing to pay the money via RTGS.

On the same day, Mwanjira sent Doro’s account number to Ndlovu, who then transferred the money.

Mwanjira advised Ndlovu that she would be able to collect the groundnuts once the funds had reflected in Doro’s account.

When the money went through, Ndlovu phoned Doro and they agreed to meet at Holiday Inn.

Ndlovu went to the hotel and tried to communicate with Doro, but her number was no longer reachable.

She became suspicious  and contacted her bank to reverse the transaction, but was advised that Doro had already transferred $13 700 into different accounts.

The remaining $76 000 was still in Doro’s Steward Bank account.

Ndlovu was prejudiced of $89 700.herald