While Winky D and Jah Prayzah’s fans are fighting and exchanging insults online, the two musicians are on talking terms.

Jah Prayzah revealed yesterday in an interview with the controversial Acie Lumumba that he called and congratulated Winky D on his record-breaking video MuGarden who in turn congratulated him on his production Kunerima.

Comparisons between the two have been made, giving rise to a silent rivalry which they both deny with Jah Prayzah expressing his willingness to have a collaboration with Winky D.

This depicts a political image of politicians meeting and having coffee behind closed doors while their followers are fighting each other.

Last week, Jah Prayzah released his video Kunerima which featured Misred and Winky D released his video MuGarden which featured Gemma Griffiths.

They both broke their personal records of views on YouTube, which is a good sign for the country’s music industry.

By yesterday afternoon, Winky D’s video had passed the 560 000 views mark while Jah Prayzah’s video had passed the 370 000 mark.

While the musicians are on talking terms, the same cannot be said of their fans who are trading insults online.

There are sharp divisions between the fans and a few neutrals with the support also being made along political lines.

Both musicians have tried to shake off the political tags which, however, seem impossible and it is evident in the latest videos.

Jah Prayzah is being associated with Zanu-PF and under fire soldiers while Winky D is said to be sympathetic to the opposition.

Several political players and influential people among them former vice president Joice Mujuru, Jonathan and David Coltart and several others have congratulated Winky D on his latest production.

This has seen those opposed to these figures trashing the video and supporting Jah Prayzah.

Without doubt, both videos are great works of art and raise the standards of the country’s music production.

With information that the two musicians are on talking terms, it’s an indication that one can enjoy Jah Prayzah’s video without trashing Winky D’s and vice versa.dailynews