A NUMBER of motorists are calling for a thorough investigation into City Parking’s operations following some daily clashes with marshals.

One motorist showed H-Metro a receipt showing he had parked his car around midnight.

Another receipt showed entry and expiry time different from the time a motorist parked his vehicle.

Motorists paying through ParkAssist App have been also clashing with marshals as they found their vehicles clamped even though they had paid for parking.

The discrepancies and confusion have raised suspicion that there could be some corrupt activities within the system.

One of the motorists felt humiliated, in front of his children, on Saturday, after he clashed with a City Parking rank marshal after he found his vehicle clamped.

“Please save us from gross human rights abuse, even after making a payment we are clamped,” he said.

“When we raise the queries, the level of arrogance of the personnel is unbelievable with some even soliciting for bribes.”

He told H-Metro he was subjected to torture and humiliation by the marshals for almost two hours for authorities to confirm that he had paid for two hours to enable him to shop for his kids’ school requirements.

“I might not be the only one who experienced this inhumane treatment from the marshals.

“Please help us so that everything improves because I was humiliated and all the shops I wanted to visit for back-to-school (material) ended up being closed.

“I appeared stupid before my children because of the inefficiency and incompetence on the part of the marshals and their supervisors and their failure to catch up with their system to confirm that I had paid through their ParkAssist App,” he said.

He showed his proof of payment.

Contacted for comment, City Parking Public Relations officer, Francis Mandaza, said:

“Our Parking machines are set for 24-hour time and our parking system is operating well,” he said.