Norton Member of Parliament Temba Mliswa has rubbished as smear campaign reports that he wanted a bribe from  businessman James Ross Goddard who wanted to mine coal at Hwange Colliery.

Mliswsa is alleged to have connived with three other legislators in demanding an amount to the tune of $400 000 as  facilitation fee.

“And so the smear campaign begins. Not that I can say this is unexpected, I’m sure we all saw something of this nature coming. Ok so if JRG was bribed, why didn’t he attempt to set us up instead of a hearsay report in response to my allegations?” Said Mliswa.

Goddard is said to have alerted Police Commissioner General Godwin Matanga and Vice President Kembo Mohadi after the alleged incident.

Mliswa demanded the evidence of the allegations and said he is determined to go to court over the allegations of corruption which he leveled against Mohadi on Twitter. Mohadi’s lawyers threatened Mliswa with legal action if he did not retract his statement.

“Where’s the evidence? In fact now that this bribe story is being published now, it gives credence to the fact that Hon VP has something to hide. Never mind I’ll not be swayed, it’s off to court we go.

“I’ll also be suing the Herald for publishing something baseless, reporting should be factual and media need to stop being used to print falsehoods. Why did JRG waste an opportunity to trap? Investigations must continue, I’m used to this.

“This story has been around for a while and records in Parliament will prove that Tundiya denied this accusation on record with Hon. Paradza further admitting it was just pub talk.

Source – Byo24News”This is not a headline,the best headline is yet to come when the evidence against the Hon. V. P. Mohadi is released.” Mliswa threatened.