The ruling Zanu-PF has no hand in the internal fights within the opposition MDC-Alliance and suggestions that the revolutionary party was involved in their factional bickering is not only absurd, but far-fetched, an official has said.

In an interview yesterday, Zanu-PF secretary for Information and Publicity, Cde Simon Khaya Moyo said the revolutionary party would not derive any benefit from “burdening itself” into the internal affairs of the MDC-Alliance.

There have been frenzied claims from the private media and online news agency claiming that Zanu-PF was throwing its support behind MDC-Alliance secretary-general, Mr Douglas Mwonzora ahead of Mr Nelson Chamisa in the run up to the opposition congress characterised by division and bickering.

Ironically, Mr Mwonzora was quoted in a private weekly declaring that he was strong and that, “Zanu-PF people are afraid of my candidature because Zanu-PF has dealt with me for quite a long time as a member of the opposition.”

He highlighted that he had been an opponent of the ruling party since the late 1980s, through days of the now defunct Zimbabwe Unity Movement led by the late Edgar Tekere, the mid-90s and as MDC representative in the Constitution Parliamentary Committee that came up with the 2013 Constitution.

“I have a formula for defeating that party . . .” he said.

“I have been a member of the MDC and as a member of Copac we have had our new Constitution and it came via the leadership I offered to my colleagues. So I am not doubtful regarding what I can achieve,” he crowed.

He added: “I think I will be more difficult for the Zanu-PF people.”

And Cde Khaya Moyo dismissed the alleged meddling.

“The private media has been most recently and even today awash with claims by the MDC-Alliance and their functionaries to the effect that Zanu-PF has a hand on the political inferno which is threatening to consume the Alliance.

“That is far far-fetched and absurd to say the least. The stark reality is that the mighty revolutionary Zanu-PF party has no business or can derive any benefit from burdening itself under whatsoever circumstances, with the internal affairs of another political outfit let alone an outfit merely established as an election union of failed politicians,” said Cde Khaya Moyo, who is also a Zanu-PF Politburo member.

“It is quite mischievous for anyone to suggest that the ruling party can have an interest in an outfit that does not even have a substantive political identity.”

He said the MDC-Alliance should concentrate on rejuvenating its waning fortunes instead of pointing fingers on other political parties.

“Instead of concentrating on pointing artificial fingers, Chamisa’s MDC-Alliance should assign attention and effort towards resuscitating themselves from the political deathbed they are in.

“It is evident that the MDC-Alliance is in complete tatters and is confronted with imminent self-extinction as testified by one of its leaders, Elias Mudzuri suggesting a possible split at their forthcoming congress,” said Cde Khaya-Moyo.

Zanu-PF is preoccupied with the drive to promote social, economic development in line with Vision 2030. We have no time for kindergarten politics.”

The MDC-Alliance has been trading accusations and counter-accusations as it heads towards its congress with hawks within Mr Chamisa’s camp claiming that Mr Mwonzora was getting support from Zanu-PF.

MDC-A vice president Elias Mudzuri last week warned of an imminent split.

“The coming MDC-T congress threatens to tear the party apart and jeopardise our chances of winning the 2023 elections, ruining the hopes of millions. Let’s do what is right,” tweeted Engineer Mudzuri.

“MDC-T must respect its constitution remove fear and factional divisions to enable members to elect a leader that will unite us and focus on ending suffering in Zimbabwe.”herald