POLICE have arrested two men who shot a video while brutally assaulting a girl (15) for allegedly having love affairs with both of them at Phumuza village in Plumtree.

The video which has gone viral has angered women rights activists and a majority of netizens on social media who have demanded justice for the under-age girl.

The abusers were only identified on social media as Peter and Lija. Matabeleland South police spokesperson Chief Inspector Philisani Ndebele confirmed the incident yesterday but declined to name the suspects saying the matter was being handled by the courts.

“They were arrested but I cannot comment as they have already appeared in court,” said Chief Inspector Ndebele.

Court officials, however, yesterday said the matter was not yet in court and the pair is expected to appear today.

Sources said the men would be charged with assault and indulging in sex with a minor. It is alleged that the love triangle turned sour when the men, aged 25 and 28 discovered they shared the same girl.