The Deputy Minister of Defence and War Veterans Affairs, Victor Matemadanda has said the abduction of the comedienne Samantha Kureya, (popularly known as Gonyeti) is an attempt to tarnish the government’s image by detractors.

He was addressing war veterans and traditional leaders from Mashonaland East Province in Marondera on Friday (24 August 2019).

Said Matemadanda:

“It is laughable to hear people saying the government is abducting its citizens. Surely what would we get from abducting a comedian like Gonyeti, that is the work of our detractors bent on tarnishing the image of the government,”

Matemadanda joins other government officials who have also said that the abduction of the comedian was not by government operatives or any group supporting the government. Permanent secretary in the Information Ministry Nick Mangwana said on Friday:

Recent activities in Zim have all the hallmarks of “black ops” hence need to be analysed dispassionately. Who stands to gain from a damage to ED’s local & international prestige? Why would masked people abduct then order victim not to criticise govt? Nicely setting things up?