LOCK him up in jail!

That was the overriding reaction from hundreds of Zimbabweans irked by a husband’s brutal attack of his wife he accuses of infidelity.

It follows a video, which was captured in Beitbridge and leaked to H-Metro, in which the man allegedly found his wife in a room in a lodge.

He started pounding her, using fists, as if he was in a boxing match.

Reaction has been swift with many of the people angry that this man could punish another human being like that.

With the current global stance today now aimed at ending violence against women and girls, the man has now been described as a monster.

The moment he punched his wife in his fit of rage, he lost his appeal and most of our readers felt he should have just walked away, divorced the woman and avoided the act considered as gender-based violence.

A number of our readers felt the man must be arrested for assaulting his wife while the other man behind the camera should also be held as an accomplice.

Former ZBC news anchor, Lee Ann Bernard had this to say:

“This isn’t right at all. Both are wrong and should not solve disputes with violence. Look at how he punched her face like he was fighting a man . . . sad.”

Sharron Shara wrote:

“Honestly this is wrong, I know the lady is wrong but going to an extent of beating her, now the man is wrong, and he deserves to be jailed because it’s abuse, no one has the right to beat anyone.

“Why not divorce her, I don’t think it’s the first time this lady has been beaten.”

Chipato Tawanda commented:

“This is my plea to all women and men included. If you want out of a relationship, then get out of it gracefully.

“We will definitely not have scenes like these, I am a man, I understand the hurt that one goes through.

“Surprisingly, there are men out there whose main focus is their family, go through hell to provide for their family and yet encounter such situations as this one.

“So, the argument that varume vanoh**a is self-serving, immature and born out of a lack of willingness to commit to a relationship.

“Kana waona kuti hauchada leave me, haikona kundih****a period,”

Popular Facebook influencer, King Solomon Zim said:

“Mukabvunza ipapa pamwe murume akatomboh**a kakatowanda but hapana akamurova, 90 percent varume mah**e mudzimba umu but hapana anovarova imiwo kana mafungawo chih**e divorce, is the solution, mukabatwa munoitwa kafira mberi,”

Charity Vimbai Kwenda wrote:

“No to gender-based violence, that’s not the solution, kana mukadzi ah**a anorambwa even the Bible says so. Izvi zve fight ummm.”

Goodhusband Freddy Shanya said:

“Haa, pain yekuh*****a munoiziva here imi, especially uchiita zvese kumba sa baba?

“Ipapo munhu okuh****a, imika.

“I don’t support zvekurovana hangu but dzimweni dzenguva unotadza kuzvibata ukazosvika pakadai.

“But violence is not good at all, kurova mukadzi it’s a no, asi hasha dzogona kukusvitsa ipapo.

Lungile Manda commented:

“You can tell that he is abusive by the way he is throwing punches at a woman who is not able to defend herself.

“As for the cameramen you are sick. All those saying that she deserves it don’t know the dangers of a society built on violence next time it will be you, your sister, cousin, mother or aunt.”

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