HAS a local punter accrued close to US$1 million in earnings?

Social media has been buzzing with an image of a punter whose account appears to have reached over US$890 000.

The account is in the name of someone called Tafadzwa who seemingly has an account with Moor’s World of Sport betting house.

It is now the talk of the country’s sports betting industry, which has exploded, in the past year.

Many questions have been raised about why the punter appears to be keeping “such a huge amount of money,” in the account of a betting house.

However, H-Metro engaged the betting house’s operations manager, Patrick Tamson who said, it could be the work of some social media specialists.

“It’s the work of social media people because, with a with such money, unenge waenda nenyika,” he said.

Patrick also revealed they were also informed the person could be making money from other gamblers by selling them betting tips after building a profile as an expert in the business who has won handsomely.

“I am also advised that this person gives betting tips to others so that they win.

“He is using that amount of money to lure gamblers and demands some fee on how to win like him.”

Some of the betting houses like Bezbets have a maximum pay out of US$50 000, $1000 000 and ZAR 500000.