A Silobela traditional healer has appeared before a Kwekwe magistrate for allegedly raping a Form One pupil on numerous occasions.

The self-proclaimed traditional healer, Fireman Ncube (45), appeared before magistrate Mr Tayengwa Sangster facing numerous charges of rape.

He was remanded in custody to March 4. Mr Devine Chakombera had it that on an unknown date in August, Ncube proposed love to the complainant, but she turned him down. The accused person then approached the complainant’s cousin who then assisted in arm-twisting the girl until she agreed and the two started dating. On another day not known to the State, Ncube proceeded to the minor’s house where she stays with her aunt. The accused called the minor on her cousin’s mobile phone to the gate, to collect a dollar.

Upon approaching the gate, Ncube dragged the minor to a nearby garden and raped her. On another occasion, Ncube went to the minor’s homestead and stayed until late.

Upon leaving, he was accompanied by the minor and her cousin. Ncube again dragged the girl into a nearby bush and raped her while the cousin stood guard.

On January 1 this year the accused slapped the girl once on the face for refusing to accompany him to the shops.

The minor narrated the whole sexual abuse ordeal to her aunt and parents who in turn reported the matter at Silobela police, leading to the arrest of the traditional healer.herald