Police in Chisumbanje are investigating a case in which some unknown people dug out a grave before stealing the remains of a one-year-old child who recently died in the area.

The incident occurred at Musaonyerwa Village on Saturday when relatives discovered the child’s remains missing from the grave.

A report was then made to the police.

Investigations revealed that the child had died sometime in February this year.

National police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi confirmed the incident. 

“Police in Chisumbanje are investigating circumstances surrounding a case of violating a grave in which a dug out grave was found, with a missing corpse, on May 6, 2023 at Musaonyerwa Village.

“The violated grave was that of an infant aged 12 months who passed on February 7, 2023. The missing corpse has not yet been found. Anyone with information to report at any nearest Police Station,” he said.