Spy camera scandal rocks Falcon CollegeA SCANDAL has rocked Falcon College after some school boys allegedly placed a spy camera in the girls’ changing rooms resulting in unsuspecting pupils from Girls College in Bulawayo, who had visited the elite Esigodini private school last Friday, being recorded naked.

The issue has sparked outrage from parents who want the matter to be reported to the police, something that has not been done.

A reliable source said a meeting was held yesterday to discuss the incident which happened when a water polo team from Girls College visited Falcon College for a match with their counterparts.

Representatives from both schools and some parents from Girls College attended the meeting which was held at the girls’ only school in Bulawayo.

Two boys from Falcon College, the formerly all-boys school which started admitting girls in 2017, are alleged to have placed the spy camera in the girls changing room.

A source who attended yesterday’s meeting said Falcon College authorities told the gathering that two boys fingered in the spy scandal had been expelled and the video recording, which was confiscated, would be destroyed.

The source said some parents are not happy with the decision, saying the duo should be arrested for the offence.

It was not immediately clear how the matter came to light.

“The boys are said to have been expelled but many parents feel that the issue should be taken to the police and the boys should be arrested. The Falcon headmaster assured us that the video would be destroyed to protect the girls,” said the source.

In an interview, Girls College principal, Mrs Les Ross, confirmed the incident which happened last Friday.

She could not comment further referring questions to Falcon College authorities, who could not be reached immediately.

“The whole issue is being dealt with at Falcon College; it did not happen on my grounds, it happened at Falcon. Falcon College will be better placed to comment on that,” said Mrs Ross in a telephone interview.

A parent who spoke on condition of anonymity accused Falcon of sweeping the matter under the carpet.

The parent said the school should be investigated for similar allegations, as this was not the first time an incident of this nature has occurred at Falcon College.

“This is not the first time something of this nature has happened at Falcon and the school should be investigated.

“They are sweeping the matter under the rug to protect the school’s reputation, but what about our girls who have been violated. This is unacceptable,” said the parent.

Another parent said the incident raises questions about the safety of girls at such events.

The parent said such perverted behaviour might lead to worse violations such as rape.

“I know I speak on behalf of many parents when I say this behaviour is unacceptable and the culprits should be punished,” she said.

Bulawayo acting Provincial Education Director (PED) Mrs Olicah Kaira said she had not received a report on the matter.

Matabeleland South acting PED Mr Lifias Masukume could not comment saying he was in Harare.chronicle