According to petrified villagers from Masiyandumbi Village in Gokwe, mermaids and crocodiles have formed a scary combination to terrorise the area. The crocodiles from the Nyawaya Dam in Masiyandumbi Village under Chief Chireya have caused the villagers to have sleepless nights as they are reported to be feasting on the villagers’ livestock. Scared villagers claim that they have also seen mermaids frequently, although most of the sightings were made by children.

Headman Madzivazvido told local publication B-Metro,

We have had a serious problem of late as mermaids and crocodiles have infested Nyawaya Dam. This is a man-made dam that was constructed so that people in the village can have water but it has become a danger.

“The crocodiles are causing havoc in the area. They have devoured cattle, goats and chickens belonging to villagers and we do not know what to do. To make matters worse, the dam is the one that supplies the whole village with water and it has become risky for people to go there but they have no option.

It is a taboo to have mermaids in a dam that is within the community, it’s unheard of and we have since called for a meeting where we will discuss how best we can handle the matter. We cannot continue living with those things that are considered sacred. We also fear for people’s lives that if we continue cohabiting with such creatures, lives will be lost so we need to act to save lives,

The parks and wildlife authorities are yet to comment on the matter.