Maj-Gen Dube

Zimbabwe National Army (ZNA) officers have been urged not to abuse their positions in society and not to engage in corrupt activities.

The call was made by Zimbabwe National Army Chief of Staff Quartermaster Staff Major-General Hlanganani Dube during the handover-takeover ceremony of the command of Harare District.

Colonel Charles Mhaka will now command Harare District, taking over from Colonel Hudson Muchemwa, who will be commanding Masasa (Garrison)-Based Units.

Maj-Gen Dube, who was the Chief Witness at the ceremony held in Harare yesterday, said corruption had brought many organisations to their knees.

“The success of a military organisation depends heavily on the efficiency and effectiveness of its commanders, command cannot be enforced without effective leadership and control,” he said.

“Let me draw your attention to the current situation characterised by various economic challenges, a very important concern to both of you is that as commanders, we are seized with the phenomenon that has ruined many organisations in both the civilian and military spheres. I am referring to corruption, which is rampant in this globalised world. This menace has not spared military leaders, please, please, I repeat, please, you must guard against using your ranks and status for personal gains as evidenced by some cases of officers and men who have the tendency of abusing their positions to benefit themselves individually.”

Maj-Gen Dube urged the military to always utilise the available resources sparingly and strive to inspire their subordinates as they execute their duties

“The other area of immediate concern is how you will manage issues associated with social media,” he said.

“Social media has proved to be one of the most effective tools used by our detractors to destroy the social and moral fibre of today’s soldier. If not guarded against, it may turn your soldiers against each other and their leaders.”

Col Muchemwa said the officers should give full support to the incoming commander. He said they should remain disciplined and exercise their duties diligently, with firmness and dedication.

Col Mhaka vowed to work harder and execute his duties with loyalty and dedication.herald