IF it was in the animal kingdom, the man could have been one of those bulls that seek dominance by trying to spread its progeny across generations.

But in reality, a man from Insuza in Matabeleland North has been arrested after allegedly committing one of the most heinous crimes by raping three generations of one family over a period of three years.

The 40-year-old (name withheld to protect identity of victims), is facing allegations of raping on separate occasions an elderly granny (now late), the granny’s daughter (28) before turning to the mother’s two minor children aged six and nine between 2015 and 2018.

So disgusting is the man’s charges that he is reported have raped the granny on separate times before she died. When she died, he turned his sexual assault to the granny’s daughter who had recently lost her husband. The woman was allegedly later forced into a relationship with the man, but as if that was not enough he went on to rape the woman’s two minor children aged six and nine from her earlier marriage.

He appeared before Bulawayo magistrate Mrs Sibongile Marondedze last week facing charges of rape.

The matter was postponed to 1 March where witnesses are expected to testify in this heart-rending case.

According to State records the matter came to light after the mother of the two minor children sent one of them to call the man from his homestead to assist her in thatching a hut at their homestead.

The child is said to have returned after a while, looking frightened, before narrating to her mother of a sexual violation she had experienced at the helm of the man.

The woman is then reported to have sought advice from a neighbour, who then told her that she had heard rumours of how the man had been raping the two children, all the while when the mother was also already under the mercy of the sex predator.

After interrogating the other child, she also confirmed that she was raped by the accused in October last year when the mother was away attending a funeral.

According to the court records this broke the heart of the woman who was already keeping the secret of the man’s previous rape escapades on her late mother, resulting in her gaining the strength to report the matter to the police.

Meanwhile, another man from Bellevue suburb in Bulawayo has also appeared in court facing two counts of rape, in an almost similar case, where he is facing charges of raping his 13-year-old stepdaughter on separate occasions. He was also remanded in custody to 1 March for trial.

According to court papers the matter came to light after the minor’s teachers discovered, through investigations, prompted by a drawing she had done at school that she was sexually abused.

Upon further investigations she revealed the name of the abuser resulting in his arrest.SundayNews