SOUTH AFRICA: Barbie Bargeoise Brazil escaped death in a recent car crash.

The pink-loving social media diva, formerly known as Ennie Tembie Tshabalala but now dubbed Ennie Cleary, spilled the tea about her near-death experience to her online fans.

Bargeoise Brazil spilled the beans about how a reckless taxi driver caused a serious collision that left her iconic pink Jeep in tatters. The accident left her vehicle in a pitiable state, with a crunched boot and a wrecked grill.

Despite the physical damage, Bargeoise Brazil thanked her lucky stars for still being able to see the light of day. She detailed how the accident left her with a busted lip, a shiner, broken nails, and aches all over her body.

“Trust A Bloody Deranged MUNTU’S Quantum To Work On My PINK NERVES. I have blasted lips, eyes, broken nails and sore everywhere as if Mai-Mai 💩hole did not over scratch my car. Most of you are uber evil, but I’m glad to be so loved by most. Good Moro To you All. Noluvuyo Sodela,” Bargeoise Brazil wrote on her social media pages.