Peter Dube aka Xolile Mtsali gunned down associates, held his son and cousin hostage for two hours in Gweru while awaiting the arrival of their mothers whom he later targeted in love triangle gone wrong

Peter Dube, a fugitive businessman from Gweru, Zimbabwe, has been placed on Interpol’s most wanted list in connection with three murder cases and a separate attempted murder charge in 2021. Dube is believed to have fled to South Africa and changed his identity before relocating to Ireland where he is now staying at Red Cow Moran Hotel in Dublin. Interpol has issued a Red Notice to facilitate his arrest and extradition. Investigations by the police have confirmed Dube’s escape and subsequent movements. In April 2021, Dube shot and killed his wife’s suspected lover, as well as her best friend, and wounded his wife and her sister. One of the injured sisters died upon admission to the hospital.

How the fugitive multiple killer fled to Ireland on fake travel documents

After the offence, Dube vanished, and was suspected to have skipped the Zimbabwe border into South Africa.

The matter was, however, reported under RRB4655417. understands that, in an intriguing twist to the case, Dube later changed his identity to Xolile Mtsali and ostensibly acquired a passport (A09465267) in Eswatini on October 28, 2021 — five months after the shootings — which he used to relocate to Ireland, where he applied for asylum.

The fugitive also later assisted his wife, Nomatter Chawana, and children to acquire new identities.

The family is now among refugees living at Red Cow Moran Hotel in Dublin.

Chawana has allegedly assumed the alias Nosipo Sandra Simelani, according to a copy of her passport purportedly issued in Mbabane on October 20, 2021.

The Sunday Mail spoke to Chawana and she confirmed that she was presently living in Ireland.

“Yes, I am in Ireland,” she said.

She, however, dismissed claims that she was staying with Dube, saying she travelled to Ireland on her own.

“I did not travel with him. I came on my own with my children. I do not stay with him as I am trying to make a living here with my children,” she said.

Chawana indicated that she gave police all the information relating to the shooting incident.

“I went through a lot during that time when I was in Zimbabwe. I thought it was enough. I need time to heal now. My hands are clean,” she said.

Asked to comment on the identity documents that were allegedly manufactured to facilitate their move to Ireland, Chawana said: “A lot of people entered Ireland through cheating and sought asylum. This is not peculiar to me, as I am not the first to do it.”

Dube is reported to have joined a syndicate involved in producing fake identity documents in South Africa and Eswatini.

A source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, confirmed that Dube was indeed among refugees who were living in Ireland.

“If he is not at Red Cow Moran, as we speak, he could have been among 123 refugees moved to Mount St Mary’s in the same area in January,” said the source.

Mount St Mary’s is a former seminary for the Marist Fathers in Ireland, which houses refugees from Georgia, Algeria, Botswana, the Democratic Republic of Congo and South Africa, who are currently seeking international protection.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said he would need some time to look into the matter.

This paper contacted the Red Cow Moran Hotel in Ireland and spoke to a woman who said: “It is unfortunate that we cannot give you such information. You are calling from Zimbabwe; it would have been better if you were his relative, you could have contacted him directly.”

How Ireland asylum seeker Peter Dube committed violent crimes in Gweru, Zimbabwe(2021 report)

In the midst of national shock, a polygamous businessman from the country’s third largest city, Gweru, unleashed a violent rampage, allegedly shooting four individuals and instantly killing two. Disturbing details have emerged, revealing that the assailant initially held his son and cousin hostage for two hours while awaiting the arrival of their mothers, whom he later targeted. The perpetrator, Peter Dube, a prominent car dealer aged 35, fatally shot Shelton Chinhango, an alleged lover of his second wife and fellow car dealer based in Kwekwe, as well as Chinhango’s friend, Gamuchirai Mudungwe (30).

Prominent car dealer Peter Dube (38) [holding bottle left]shot and killed his second wife’s alleged lover, Shelton Chinhango (right), also a car dealer based in Kwekwe and her friend Gamuchirai Mudungwe (30); Images zwnews

Furthermore, Dube aimed his firearm at the two children but was stopped by one of the women, whom he later shot. She is currently fighting for her life at Gweru Provincial Hospital. The city of Gweru awoke to distressing news of this frenzied gun attack, where Dube took the lives of Shelton Chinhango and Gamuchirai Mudungwe, as well as injured his second wife, Nyasha Nharingo (31), and her sister Nyaradzo (34).

A 16-year-old girl, present during the horrifying incident, narrowly escaped death alongside her toddler cousin, who happens to be Dube’s son with Nyasha. Mudungwe’s intervention prevented Dube from firing at the children. The young girl recounted the ordeal to stating, “Dube came home and locked the door. He then told me that we were going to Senga and he also fired the maid and paid her salary. I informed my mother around 8 pm, and they said they were in Mvuma on their way back.”

The situation escalated when Nyasha arrived from Masvingo. The teenage girl described the events that unfolded: “When my mother and my aunt arrived in the company of their friends, they asked me to tell Dube to open the door, but he refused. He ordered me to pack our belongings and leave. My mother started shouting at him, demanding that he opens the door for me to get out. She threatened to call the police. His first wife also arrived, revealing that Dube had deceived her by claiming he was going to Kadoma to address a breakdown, and he took $50, which he used to pay the maid.”

Once her mother went to the police station, Dube forcibly expelled the girl from the house at around 10 pm. When the police arrived and found the children outside, they believed the situation was under control and departed. However, Dube persisted in refusing to open the door for the women to retrieve their belongings.

“Dube refused to open the door. His first wife contacted his brother, Advance Dube, informing him of the situation. Advance managed to convince his brother to unlock the door. My aunt began packing and got into the waiting car downstairs. My mother returned to collect her bag as well,” the teenager told .

According to the young witness, Dube suddenly became uncontrollable and proceeded to shoot Shelton Chinhango, the alleged boyfriend, as well as Mudungwe, Nyasha, and Nyaradzo.

“Dube rushed down the stairs, entered his car, and retrieved a pistol. He then approached the Toyota Hiace, in which we were seated, and confronted the driver (Shelton), accusing him of stealing his wife. He aimed and shot the driver in the head. I opened the door and fled. He then pointed the gun at me, but my mother’s friend, Gamuchirai Mudungwe, intervened. Dube turned his attention to her and shot her in the chest. He proceeded upstairs and shot my mother and aunt. Afterward, I saw the maid rushing downstairs, screaming for help,” she recounted.

Crime scene: Bensom flats, Gweru Zimbabwe

Car dealer Peter Dube: The assailant is now based in Ireland…


Mad Gweru car dealer bottom R & the deceased L, top R


Nyasha Nharingo..Peter Dube’s victim, was his second wife. She survived with serious injuries. Had 2 bullets in her head.


Nyaradzo Nharingo: Peter Dube’s sister-in-law and victim, she died


His friend’s girlfriend..was killed

His best friend he suspected was bedding his other half, was killed