Divine Kingdom Ministries Leader Pastor Ian Ndlovu has issued a prophecy that President Emmerson Mnangagwa will never rule the country properly if he does not get the scepter of rulership from former President Robert Mugabe.

“All this violence and commotion that is happening in the country is centered around the issue of the scepter. Even though ruler-ship passed from one person to another the scepter did not pass from one man to another.” Pastor Ndlovu said.

“There is restitution that must be done for the scepter to be passed on to the present leader. There is someone who is holding the scepter and if the die without surrendering the scepter this country will be in a very serious situation.

“The reason why there is need for national dialogue is because the scepter was not passed on properly. The person who is holding the scepter has two things the he holds in his heart and if they are granted he will release the scepter.”

Pastor Ndlovu also said that Mugabe and Mnangagwa must sit down and talk about the future of the country.

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