Correspondent|A University of Zimbabwe girl is claiming $600 which she lent her ex boyfriend while they were still dating in July last year.

Karen Manyama dragged her former lover Shepard Marekani to court demanding the $600 debt after they ended their affair.

“I gave him the money because he wanted to fix his car, which had broken down. He had said that he would return my money as soon as possible,” she said.

Karen further explained that after she started demanding her money, her ex-boyfriend dumped her this emotionally stressed her into claiming back the money.

“I honestly wasn’t expecting him to break up with me after all the money he was owing me.

“I ended up claiming it for my own benefit since we had broken up,” she said.

In response, Shepard clarified that there was no specific date which the money was supposed to be paid since they borrowed each other in good terms.

“There was no date of when payment was to be made so she must not claim the money whenever she feels like it,” he said.

The case is still pending.zimeye