True to my word, After the young man, Mr Bruno Furnitures donated a double bed to our Legend Mr Paradzai Mesi.

I decided to pay this young man a visit and shock him like i always do… what he did will not wait to be appreciated in heaven, naaa.
We are God’s instruments, we will appreciate and support your business there and there.

To be clear, I have not accessed any of the contributions made. They are being handle by Mr Mesi and his Manager.

The act that was done by Bruno Furnitures honestly moved me and i took it very personal.

I paid him a visit and personally Bought cash almost everything that Mr Mesi would need for his new house.

The whole house is now furnished Kwasara Muridzi wacho apinde…✅

I supported the young businessman by buying the furniture below

– Master bedroom Double Bed with a beautiful headboard
– A beautiful wardrobe for the master bedroom
– A double bed for the kids bedroom
– Kitchen Unit
– Kitchen table and chairs
– Lounge Sofas
– Lounge Coffee table

In addition to
Spare Bedroom Bed(donated by Bruno)

This means Mr Paradzai Mesi will walk into a furnished house.

I take pride in changing lives and impacting other people POSITIVELY!!

Jesus loved me and blessed me to be a blessing to others.

Zimbabwe, let us continue rallying behind those that need us…

I challenge all businessmen and women in Zimbabwe, Let us help those that need our help. Create employment, more jobs to the ever growing population of graduates.

If not US, then Who will do it for our Country.

mudiwa hood