Paradzai Mesi is a Zimbabwean Sungura artist who rose to prominence as the frontman of the sungura band Njerama Boys in the early 2000s. Songs like “Pahukama Hazvidaro” and “Hupenyu Madzoro” were famous among sungura lovers, and he received numerous prizes and nominations. He was well-known for his high-energy stage performances and peculiar voice.


Mesi’s musical career, however, has taken a downhill turn in the last decade, as he has experienced several problems and scandals. He had frequent disagreements with his bandmates, who accused him of being harsh and exploitative. He also had financial issues since he neglected to pay his obligations and taxes. Several creditors, including his former landlord and ex-wife, sued him.

Mesi’s personal life was as tumultuous, since he had several wives and children from various relationships. He was married to Patricia Kapadza and had seven children with her, but he also had four children with two other women. He was accused of abandoning his family and failing to pay child support.

Mesi’s problems came a head in April 2023, when he was arrested for allegedly stealing food from a Glendale store. Mesi was reportedly drinking ‘tumbwa’, a traditional beer, at a neighboring bar before going to the store and attempting to take some things without paying. He was apprehended by the business owner and turned over to the police. According to an interview with Kwayedza, the Sungura artist stated that he had owned at least three automobiles at one time in his life.

Mesi’s arrest sparked outrage on social media, with many people expressing astonishment and regret at his demise. Some chastised him for squandering his talent and destroying his reputation, while others sympathized with him and blamed his circumstances. Some questioned the veracity of the video showing him in handcuffs, claiming it was staged or edited.

His followers are expecting that he would overcome his difficulties and resume his musical career. Others, on the other hand, are skeptical that he will ever regain his former glory and popularity.