I write to advise you as a friend that in your next congress scheduled for this year kindly introduce Term Limits for your Councillors and Members of Parliament.

Your primary elections were very chaotic and sham because you have Comrades who are clinging to power and monopolizing the political space in your party. How on earth can one be a Member of Parliament or Councillor for more than two decades??? Zvasiyanei neZanu PF??? You need to groom and mentor new leadership by giving others a chance to lead.

Some people have been MPs since 2000 when I was still at primary school they are still MPs to date and they intend to contest again in 2023.It shows that the party has no space for new ideas if you continue recycling the same people for decades. I would have loved to speak about this at your congress unfortunately I can not attend because I am not a member of any political party I can only advise as a friend but I wish to see someone who is brave talking about this and moving a motion for Two Term Limits for your MPs and your Councillors. Asevha ten years chipawo vamwe mukana muna 2023 zvichingoenda zvakadaro.

Ratidzai nyika kuti hamuna kufanana neZanu PF yakati yawana power yakuda kuita firapo bhaudhi repagejo. All MPs and Councillors who have served for more than ten years must not be allowed to contest in 2023 to give other Comrades a chance to lead and grow in leadership.

It’s possible to pass the leadership baton to the next person start practising it before you become the next government. Otherwise getting into power with these characters who are clinging to their council and parliamentary seats I am afraid you will be another ZANU PF. Lastly be careful of state agents who want to infiltrate your party to influence decisions which will be made at the congress. Keep your eyes wide open to see who attends the congress because tens of state agents and CIOs will be deployed to infiltrate your processes;

Revolutionary Regards
Nkosilathi Emmanuel Moyo, Sr
Human Rights Defender, Kwekwe. For Feedback Whatsapp +32485850059