MDC-T Vice President Obert Chaurura Gutu has question MDC president Nelson Chamisa’s capacity of leading and developing the country.

Taking a dig at Chamisa, Gutu said the 41-year-old leader is failing to renovate the MDC headquarters and therefore cannot fix the country.  

“You can’t even repaint Harvest House and replace broken window panes but you fantasize about rebuilding and reconstructing Zimbabwe! What errant nonsense is that? Spare us the trash and hallucination! Zimbabweans have got brains.”Gutu said.

Gutu also revealed that he is a Pan-Africanist who would never support any agenda to impose sanctions upon Zimbabwe

“As a Zimbabwean patriot and Pan-Africanist, I will never celebrate the imposition of any form of sanctions against my country by whomsoever. Granted, we have got numerous domestic challenges, but imposing sanctions by whomsoever is not the panacea to resolving our challenges.

“Little Puppets wearing Giant Robes are not only dangerous to themselves, but they’re also dangerous to the nation at large and indeed, to the rest of the progressive and Pan-Africanist patriots in Africa & in the Diaspora. Africa doesn’t need Puppets! Africa needs Patriots!

“Anyone who thinks that the West or the East is more concerned about the welfare and well-being of Africans than that of their own citizens is dead wrong! Essentially, global political and socio-economic architecture is self-serving. It’s high time African countries know this.”

Obert Gutu is part of the MDC Team that broke away with Thokozani Khupe immediately after the death of MDC founding President Morgan Richard Tsvangirai in 2018. BYO24