Deputy Minister of Media, Information and Broadcasting Services Energy Mutodi has accused the Western countries of having double standards when approaching the recent reports of state crackdown on citizens following the January 14 violent protests.

“Double standards is when a white man tells his maid to take better care of his puppy than his African garden boy but wakes up in parliament and calls for urgent evidence regarding how rioting blacks in a far African country have been treated by their police and the courts.”Said Mliswa.

Recently the European Union ,United Kingdom and the United States of America have issued strong statements against the use of security forces to crackdown on protests in Zimbabwe.

“To racist whites, Africans are monkeys and baboons coz. They invade farms, destroy property, loot shops and turn violent under the guise of expressing dissent.” Mutodi further said. “But to the United Kingdom parliament, violent protesters need protection because black governments are ruthless. Isn’t this double standards (sic)?”

The Minister of State for Africa Harriet Baldwin last week said,” It is vital that Zimbabwe’s political leaders focus on what is best for their people, with all parties rejecting violence and upholding the rule of law.”

She further expressed her indignation on the reports by ITV which showed women alleging rape by security forces.

“Sickened by ITV reports that Zimbabwe’s security forces have raped civilians during their violent crackdown. Sexual violence is an atrocity and who is commanding these forces? The UK urges Emmerson Mnangagwa to ensure these perpetrators are brought to justice.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa has defended the deployment of the army and police saying it was necessary to restore law and order. Byo24News