Former ZANU PF politburo member Jonathan Moyo said former Commander Zimbabwe Defence Forces, Constantino Chiwenga wanted Robert Mugabe to die in office.

Moyo said Chiwenga insisted that since Joshua Nkomo, one of the nation’s founders died in office, the same should happen to Mugabe. Said Moyo:

The death of former President Robert Mugabe at a hospital in Singapore on Thursday, September 6, 2019, rang memory bells about the hush-hush, but spirited conversations that Zanu PF comrades used to have about this day, during the 2013 election campaign in which his advanced age and mortality were campaign issues.

… General Constantino Chiwenga was adamant that calls, which were then spreading and getting louder, for Mugabe to name a successor and retire were misguided because “as a founding leader Mugabe was entitled to die in office like his departed co-founders Joshua Nkomo, Simon Muzenda and Joseph Msika, who had died in office with the dignity of the office befitting a founding leader”.

This view became the Chiwenga gospel. None of the comrades imagined a situation in which someday there would be media reports that “former President Robert Mugabe” has died out of office.

This possibility was taken as an unacceptable indignity to be avoided at all cost.

Yet this is what happened on the dark day of September 6, 2019.
Moyo also claimed that the late former President spent his last days in Singapore on very little and his mode of transport were uber taxis. He said:

Mugabe died not only out of office but also out of the country with the attendant indignity in Singapore where, despite government claims that he was being accorded State facilitation and assistance, his regular mode of transport there was uber taxis, as he had to make do with very little.