MDC-Alliance leader Mr Nelson Chamisa is being funded by former president Mr Robert Mugabe to outfox his internal rivals ahead of the party’s congress scheduled for May, The Herald can reveal.

The Herald is reliably informed that Mr Chamisa’s sojourn to Ghana is also part of a desperate fundraising initiative from some of his college mates there.

Mr Chamisa is likely to face the party’s secretary-general Mr Douglas Mwonzora for the party’s presidency.

MDC-A vice president Engineer Elias Mudzuri is also believed to be considering throwing his hat in the ring for the top post.

MDC-A officials who spoke to The Herald on condition of anonymity said Mr Chamisa is being bankrolled by the former president to stave off any potential challenge ahead the congress.

Mr Mugabe also declared open support for Mr Chamisa during last year’s harmonised elections which the MDC-A leader lost to President Mnangagwa.

“One thing absurd fantasies being thrown around is that Zanu-PF is meddling in the opposition’s internal politics and has set aside US$6 million to ensure that Mr Chamisa loses to whoever is going to challenge him at congress principally Mr Mwonzora,” said the MDC-A official.

“Whilst they are trying hard to push this narrative, they are not telling the world that Mr Chamisa is receiving funding from the Blue Roof. (Blue Roof is Mr Mugabe’s private residence in Harare’ plush suburb of Borrowdale).

“So far, Mr Chamisa has received a substantial amount that he is using to do rallies and other party activities meant at canvassing support ahead of the congress. Remember this is not the first time that Mr Mugabe has shown support for Mr Chamisa.

“During last year’s elections, he declared his open support for Mr Chamisa on the eve of the polls hoping that his move was going to swing votes in favour of the opposition leader.”

Another source revealed that Mr Chamisa’s trip to Ghana which was couched as a diplomatic offensive was also another fund-raising expedition.

“He is hoping to get money from Ghana. There are some Ghanaians who went to the J.F Kennedy School of Public Administration with Chamisa and they are ones who are mobilising resources for him (Mr Chamisa).

“The money is coming from the Americans and the idea is to make it come through Ghana. This is the reason why the MDC-A officials have been at pains to explain the purpose of Mr Chamisa’s visit to Ghana it was not a clean trip.”

MDC-A spokesperson Mr Jacob Mafume was evasive when a comment was sought from him.

“I think the old man must be left in peace. We as the MDC-Alliance and President Chamisa are engaged with the issues of the suffering of the people. We are trying to resolve the political and economic crisis which is affecting the people of Zimbabwe. We have not received any funding from the former President and neither are we expecting any funding,” he said.

On the Ghana trip, he said Mr Chamisa sought solidarity for Zimbabwe and assistance to resolve the economic and political challenges facing the country.Herald