President Emmerson Mnangagwa has advised leaders of political parties to put people first and answer his call for a national dialogue.

The President was speaking through his official Twitter account where he was updating the world on the initiative he has taken.

“I have invited the leaders of all political parties to come together, without preconditions, to begin a process of national dialogue. Let us all put the people first and politics second.” Mnangagwa said.

MDC President Nelson Chamisa indicated on Monday morning that he will not be attending a meeting convened by President Mnangagwa because he is an illegitimate President.

xiled Former Cabinet Minister Professor Jonathan Moyo said Mnangagwa’s initiative will not be able to fool the regional and International blocs because it’s not a dialogue.

“The African Union and the international community won’t be fooled by an embattled captain of a sinking ship who, instead of sending an SOS, thinks he can avoid the inevitable by inviting his rival captain and some wannabes for tea to dialogue about his sinking ship. It’s dead in the water.” Moyo said.

Another political activist Thandekile Moyo who is in exile after alleging that Vice President Constantino Chiwenga had included her in a hit list said Mnangagwa must come to terms with reality that a true dialogue will one day take place.

“You have no authority and no moral standing to be inviting anyone anywhere. There shall be talks in Zimbabwe eventually, and you sir, will only attend, as an invitee. You really need to come to terms with reality. Only reason you are President is because you have guns and we don’t.” She said. byo24