China says it has strong confidence in the leadership of President Emmerson Mnangagwa and has emphasised the need for unity among Zimbabweans.

This comes as the Chinese celebrate their new year which begins on the 5th of February.

Chinese business people operating in the country came together to celebrate their new calendar.

Addressing the gathering, the Acting Chinese Ambassador to Zimbabwe, Mr Zhao Baogang said his country will continue to offer technical and financial support to Zimbabwe.

He said his country is proud of the progress made in developing the Hwange Power Station which is expected to produce excess power which the country will export to neighbouring countries.

China reminded Zimbabweans to value peace for economic prosperity, adding that the current leadership has the capacity and will to transform the country.

China has a unique calendar and it places value in animals which are selected to represent each year.

2019 is the year of the pig and in terms of Chinese culture, it symbolises good fortune, prosperity and development.

The Chinese believe 2019 is a promising year for Zimbabwe and Mr Baogang emphasised that his country’s aim is to complete all the projects they have launched within a reasonable time. Among the projects include the new parliament building and the Robert Mugabe International Airport, among others.Zbc News online