President Emmerson Mnangagwa has taken the absence of  Vice President Constantino Guvheya Chiwenga to dump the Presidential guard and appoint the Airforce of Zimbabwe officials as his security.
The Presidential guard is reportedly aligned to Vice President Chiwenga.

During the rally held on Saturday at Mwenenzi Mnangagwa was seen guarded by Airforce officers that the regular yellow beret Presidential guard.

On Monday Professor Jonathan Moyo took to Twitter to explain the changes that are happening in the military.

In a major shakeup, Mnangagwa has replaced his Army aide de-camp, Col Never Makuyana (right), with his security and Airforce officers (left). Mnangagwa is using the absence of Chiwenga, whose health has reportedly deteriorated, to ring out system-wide changes in the military!

Major General Sanyatwe, former PG commander and plotter in Nov 2017 coup and 1 Aug 2018 massacre, was sidelined under COMMAND AGRICULTURE; ahead of the release of the Motlanthe Report. Mnangagwa wants him away to Tanzania as Ambassador, but he’s resisting due to his poor English!

The incoming Commander of the notorious Presidential Guard (PG) is Brigadier General Fidelis Mhonda, whose brutal role in the 2008 Army atrocities drew widespread condemnation. He’s to be deputized by Col Makuyana, Mnangagwa’s ditched aide-de-camp!

Last year there were reports that the Zimbabwe Defense Forces was divided with the Zimbabwe National Army mainly supporting Mnangagwa along with the Airforce of Zimbabwe.

The Presidential guard and some barracks were seemingly pledging their loyalty to Chiwenga.

There were reports recently by former Deputy Minister of Finance Terence Mukupe that a faction of ZANU PF invited him to be part of a coup plot tom oust President Mnangagwa and they threatened to burn him like the late General Solomon Mujuru if he refused.