Dr Joram Gumbo P
ENERGY and Power Development Minister Joram Gumbo has assured motorists not to panic as Government is not planning to increase fuel prices again.

His assurance comes after reports on social media indicated that the Government was planning to increase fuel prices to $5 per litre.

The reports resulted in the resurfacing of queues in some parts of the country as motorists panicked.

In an interview yesterday, Minister Gumbo said the price hike reports were false.

“Two days ago some people started spreading fake news on social media that the price of fuel was going up to $5 per litre. This is not true and I want to assure motorists that the Government is not planning to increase fuel prices.

“This wrong information put people in panic mode and resulted in fuel queues in some parts of the country. I want to urge motorists not to panic and to assure them that fuel is available,” said Minister Gumbo.

He said the fuel situation had normalised and expressed optimism that it will continue that way.

“As long as people continue buying and using fuel the normal way we won’t have problems but if people panic and hoard fuel that’s when we have shortages,” said the Minister.

Government last month reviewed diesel price to $3,11 from $1,30 per litre and petrol went up to $3,31 from $1,40.

The Government, however, introduced a tax rebate for all registered businesses in the manufacturing, mining, commerce, agriculture and transport sectors to prevent commodity or service price increases.

In Bulawayo fuel supplies have normalised with both diesel and petrol being available at most service stations in the city.

Over the past few months, fuel was in short supply resulting in long winding queues at most service stations.Chronicle