Pastor Lukau said that he did not orchestrate the resurrection miracle that went viral on social media the whole of last week. He said this during a Sunday service at his church yesterday and told his congregants not to be misled by the media.

In a statement, Lukau said the media just write articles without verifying whether what they are writing is true or not.

“Media is supposed to be our friends and not our enemies. What actually happened is that when the body arrived at the church I was called to see what was taking place and not to resurrect the guy. Some people even said that there was a cellphone in the man’s pocket that he used to communicate with me. How can I communicate with someone whilst preaching? The bible says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” but those who don’t do that have none of that.

He also added that people should question those brought the body and not him.

“People who saw the mortuary car quickly took the name and called to find out whether the body was really kept at their parlour. The funeral parlour said there was no such body and they begged to be distanced from the miracle. Surely the devil must be punished. I don’t know that funeral parlour and never heard of it before, last Sunday was my first time of seeing it. They are the ones who should answer all the questions that are being asked.

“I don’t need to play tricks because I was anointed by God. Before the dead body arrived, there were so many healings that took place,” he said.

The resurrected man’s former employer said that his name is Brighton and he is an idiot and not Elliot. He said Brighton worked for him and is a nice guy who did what he did for money. He also said that he was not sick but strong and healthy.

It is said that the woman who claimed to be the “Elliot’s” landlord was lying.  Pastor Lukau said the miracle really happened and it is just that the society is now against church things. It was also confirmed that “Elliot” is a member of the Alleuia Ministries though pastor Lukau said it was his first time seeing him.ZON