The MDC Alliance said that the government should invest more in the local health delivery system so that all citizens will benefit.

The remarks come after reports that the country’s Vice Presidents, Constantino Chiwenga and Kembo Mohadi have been in and out of the country to India and South Africa for medical care.

Speaking to Newsday on Monday, MDC national spokesperson Jacob Mafume said that his pary wished Chiwenga a speedy recovery, but added:

It then underscores the need for the nation to invest in health systems as you know we are all human beings; poor health affects everyone, it affects the top of our society, it affects those at the bottom of our society and indeed those are the ones that are affected by our decisions as leaders.

We need our hospitals to be up to scratch, we cannot visit our hospitals when we want to sweep them when we want to remove dirt, those hospitals need to be equipped to have doctors, they need to have nurses.

Reports indicate that Chiwenga is admitted to an Indian hospital where he is being treated. He had to undergo tests which detected that was having motility problems which are not cancerous. He was advised to see an esophageal surgeon.Zimbabwe mail