The opposition Movement for Democratic Change is led by thugs who are similar to a Brazilian Mafia, a top ZANU PF Member has said.

The ZANU PF Secretary for Youth Affairs Lewis Matutu made the comments in a frenzied Twitter thread on Tuesday.

“Almost the whole so-called standing committee has hero worshipers and thugs that’s why they are threatening each other like Brazilian drug mafia,” Matutu said.

Matutu said the opposition party is full of confusion and is a disorganized entity.

“There seems to be leadership deficiency in MDC Alliance given the confusion that has surfaced towards their congress, they’re always busy criticizing ZANU PF and it’s leadership forgetting how disorganized, undemocratic and violent they are.

“The opposition doesn’t have any real economic policy or any tangible project that they have ever implemented, all they tell us is “kana tikapinda mupower toda kuita mashura” when they can’t even give day-old chicks to women and youth in their own party”

On Monday MDC Youth Assembly members in Harare sent a strong warning to anyone who will contest against MDC leader Nelson Chamisa and they declared any such person an enemy of the party.

MDC in undergoing nasty congress preparations that may be highly contested between Chamisa and Secretary General Douglas Mwonzora.

Mwonzora on Monday told ZiFM listeners that if he is elected President he is likely to get more Presidential votes than Chamisa in 2023 Presidential elections. byo24