A HARARE man has dragged his former wife to court claiming reimbursement of the maintenance money he claims to have paid twice.

Givemore Musarirwe made the claims at the Harare Civil Court where he was suing Spiwe Gawi, his ex-wife.

Givemore told the court that he made the double payment after he was nabbed by the police for defaulting to pay the $40 maintenance for their one child as ordered by the court.

He said he paid the money after he was dragged to the criminal court and went on to pay the same figure using EcoCash.

“I paid the money twice after she reported me to the police, so for me to continue paying maintenance I want the other $40 back Your Worship,” said Givemore.

Spiwe did not dispute to have received the money twice saying Givemore did it at his own will.

She said he sent the money on EcoCash knowing that he had already paid the month he had defaulted at the Harare Magistrates’ Court after his arrest over default.

“I didn’t force him to pay that money twice, he did it at his own will and that should not stop him to pay his maintenance and to take care of the child,” she argued.

Magistrate Tafadzwa Miti, who presided over the matter, postponed it to March 2 to allow Givemore to bring receipts from the court and printouts from Econet.HMETRO