Mr Brown has been sent back to Zimbabwe for overstaying his stay in South Africa.

The producer who is responsible for producing most of Makhadzi’s songs didn’t renew his work permit, hence sent back home by Home Affairs.

Mr Brown whose real name is Lynol Siwela, confirmed his return to ZiMoja.

“It’s not a big deal, really. I overstayed for a month. I was supposed to renew my work permit but didn’t get a chance. I was staying in SA legally, I even have a wife and a child on the way,” he says.

“I went out to Botswana then on my way back I was stopped. I was alone. My only issue was that the label was supposed to help me to sort the matter in three days but they said it was too costly to pay my lawyer and I was sent back home,” he adds.

“I overstayed and I was then supposed to appeal but I didn’t and that is how I was refused entry back to South Africa,” he says. “I can come back if I want to anytime, but I am still good here. I am just worried about my wife, who is giving birth this month.”

Lynol is not returning to SA soon as he doesn’t want to interfere with the conflict between Makhadzi and Open Mic.

“I really want to quit this music thing. It is stressful. There are too many politics and fights. I don’t feel safe anymore. I am getting old and have to take care of my family and working like this is not good for me,” he says.

“I want out, in all honesty. I want to do my own thing when I want. I still want to work at Open Mic but I want freedom to work from anywhere and with anyone.”

“I just need time to focus on me and for them to protect me in this drama.”

“There’s no beef, I just realise that I wasted a lot of time focusing on their artists instead of my own growth.”