Mai Chisamba

Television personality and social commentator Dr Rebecca Chisamba will take her popular show to Australia for the first time next month.

Hosted by Sydney-based baker Christina Muchenagumbo, Dr Chisamba will be holding two shows, one in Sydney on March 22 and another in Perth on March 30.

The shows will be themed “Morari naMai Chisamba”.

In an interview with The Herald Arts, Muchenagumbo said it was good time to invite Mai Chisamba to host a show because not only were people in the Diaspora missing her, but it was also about understanding the Zimbabwean culture.

“We chose the theme ‘Morari naMai Chisamba’, because as much as we are discussing issues that are sensitive and pertinent it will be done in an environment that is fun-filled, it will be an elegant red carpet night, good food and good vibes,” she said.

Muchenagumbo who is more popularly known as Chrissy said Zimbabweans living in the diaspora have had experiences with depression, suicide, marital issues and domestic violence among others and it was of paramount importance that those issues are dealt with.

“As much as we have lots of services in the country to help deal with issues we thought as a community it would be ideal to have someone whom we can identify with to discuss this is a neutral environment,” she said.

She said it was time to get together as Zimbabweans under one roof despite religion, dialect, gender or colour because we all face the same issues and problems.

Some of the topics to be discussed include, ‘How to raise children in the diaspora maintaining our traditional values’, ‘Supporting families back home and how to do it with stressing oneself’, ‘Role change in the diaspora, women earning more than men’ and ‘Depression and suicide in the diaspora’ among others.

Muchenagumbo said there are panellists for both shows male and female.

“This is an event for both ladies and gentlemen who are 18 years and above. We have made the shows diverse because over the years we have seen ladies involved in a lot of groups and supporting each other,” she said.

She has been baking for seven years having been a self-taught baker. She said her passion was to make sure everyone tasted her cakes and also be able to make their own. Herald